Product Care


Top tip for minding your Flowstate Mat - always let your mat air dry completely before rolling.

Washing Instructions

  • Depending on the type of practice, how much you sweat, and personal preference we recommend washing your Flowstate Mat every 1-3 uses. If you choose not to wash your mat, still hang it after your practice to air it out. We have specifically made this product with eyelets so hanging and air drying this product will never be a problem.

  • Although the Flowstate Mat is washing machine-friendly, we do recommend hand-washing with a wet washcloth when possible. This cuts down on the wear and tear of the mat. This is your personal piece of art so mind it and it will last even longer.

  • If you do choose to machine wash - wash on a very gentle cycle, alone and using cold water. Use a gentle detergent (no softeners or bleach).

  • Hang to dry (do not put in dryer). To speed up drying, wrap your mat in a towel and squeeze out excess water. Avoid direct sunlight for drying.


Biodegradable natural tree rubber base and microfiber top made from recycled plastic bottles. The colourful unique designs are printed with water-based inks. Our mats are free from silicone, toxic glue and phthalates.