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An integrated approach to Art and Lifestyle.

 Flowstate launched in April 2019, an integrated lifestyle brand, created and developed by three friends who have a shared passion for creativity and wellbeing. 

Adrienne, John and Maser saw the symbiotic connection between each of their industries and they recognised the importance their roles played in wellbeing. 

With a desire to work together and explore the idea of an integrated lifestyle further, the Flowstate concept was developed. Flowstate introduced their first product range in 2019, ‘The Botanical Collection’; a series of a yoga and movement mats.  

The Flowstate mat is the first of its kind; taking an integrated and sustainable approach to the traditional yoga mat. Designed by Maser, who has managed to transform each mat into a functional work of art; injecting energy and creativity into each piece. 

The Flowstate mat is considered an expressive feature that can be hung or displayed in consumer homes. 
Through the product offering and experiential wellness events, the company aims to inspire, encourage and promote creativity among all individuals.